Who can forget demonetisation or November 8, 2016 for that matter? This single date changed everything for everyone in our country, and it would continue to haunt us in the times to come, akin to a period of prolonged suffering.

As the first year anniversary of demonetisation is approaching, we’re not really sure what should we do. However, we’re more worried about what the Government is planning to do for the first anniversary of demonetisation. Until then, you can correlate with Comedian Sundeep Sharma on this menace that happened last year.

Sharma brilliantly laid out various thoughts that crossed his mind during and after the entire demonetisation fiasco. From standing in the line to the need of linking Aadhaar to everything in life, Sundeep Sharma established how the government made their escapes by simply blaming it all on the need for progress, and continues to do so.

In the name of progress, our government has given us too many surprises to handle, and personally, we don’t admire them anymore.

One just can’t stop laughing during this entire bit by Sundeep, it’s that relatable and funny. Along with relatability, the comedian was also able to subtly add the context behind every news channel’s sudden appreciation for everything that the current government does.

Watch the video here:

In the end, no matter which government and candidate you support, one has to agree that this was by far the best comical take on the entire demonetisation subject.

Jyotsna Amla

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