You know the drill. Women’s Day = A video women’s day stating how amazing women are and how no one can actually stop them from achieving what they aspire to do, ending it with come and buy this bra, razor and what not.

We all have seen and been through the agony of women’s day limited to just being another cash-in day for the marketers and advertisers. PR companies are on top of their games, every brand wants to have something unique for their product and so on and so on and so on.

While there are a ton of people trying to bring out something new and really interesting every year on this special day, these ones truly shined in the lot. We have accumulated some of the best women’s day videos of 2018, check them out over here:

1. Every Women’s Day Video Ever | Blush

Watch a dozen of women’s day videos and you’ll instantly feel like you’re watching projects on a similar prototype. Over the course of these years, every woman empowering video has a certain preset mood attached to it and this video just parodies the same.

2. Iconic You | Mercedes Benz

Benz decided to celebrate women’s day be recalling some of the most iconic women in history who were pioneers in their field and changed the world a bit with their existence. From academics to art to revolution, this women’s day video celebrates women in one of the best ways possible.

3. If Iconic Bollywood Characters Were Women | Girliyapa

This comedy sketch by one of the biggest online video creators on YouTube in the country is definitely one of the hilarious women’s day videos. It recalls how different the entire movie could have been if these iconic Bollywood characters were women. Our favourite has to be Sarkar’s rendition.

4. Searching For Gender Equality | Google

Google is always the best at everything and they do and they provide it yet again with their women’s day video. They made a video with the trends data and described it, “Google Search Trends data shows that the world is searching for gender equality more than ever before.”

5. Every Women’s Day Ever ft. Sumukhi Suresh | OLA

Comedian Sumukhi Suresh described all that has been a norm and almost a ritual of every women’s day ever. From flowers in office to that motivational video from a lingerie brand, everything is tried and tested for such a long time and recalls it with sprinkled sarcasm on top.

How many of these best women’s day videos have you watched and absolutely adored?

Jyotsna Amla

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