‘Bash Bash Bashful’: A Beautiful Poem For Those Who Try To Hide In Crowd

Poetry has done a lot for many who reside and find solace in words and pertained their situations through this very medium. UnErase Poetry has offered a platform for many such people, be it a girl talking about the complexities of being a girl, or a guy calling for help in order to end domestic violence. This time, Saumya Kaulgud expressed, what every introvert person feels while slowly trying to hide in the pool of people.

Saumya talks about how direly an introvert’s mind think about all that they can say and speak and express and what not. It minutely notices everything and the reason behind every small gesture which in turn affects thoroughly on the very next decision one makes. From standing in the corner to simply gazing the floors, there are too many ways through which one can obscure themselves from others. Call in shyness, anxiety, diffidence or whatever pleases your soul, but that’s what one keeps on thinking. They think about why they are not able to utter even a single word or string together few syllables or simply make something up to talk about, they keep on thinking that why are they still quiet?

‘Bash Bash Bashful’ Has a lot to talk about and can while asking the other person to express themselves.

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(Video Source: UnErase Poetry)

03 May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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