Some 70 years ago, India was a British colony which meant more than a significant amount of firangs from all over the world were here working, ruling and living their life. In fact, various Englishmen and Americans were actually born in India and Pakistan, who then became well versed with languages spoken in our countries.

Recently, an Australian speaking near perfect Hindi in different accents went viral on the Internet. He was identified as one of the many firangs who was born in India or came here to work, and fell in love with the country, culture and the language that we speak.

Now, there’s one more viral video on the Internet that offers a glimpse of two different worlds coming together.

The Consulate General of Pakistan in Chicago shared the video of an American conversing with a man in the most theth Punjabi possible. You can’t even spot a speck of American accent in his Punjabi which is mindblowing. But then, he was born in India, studied here and then went to Lahore to teach kids. It was, in fact, Lahore from where he got the hold over this theth Punjabi.

Watch the video over here:

An American born and raised in Lahore is speaking flawless Punjabi

Posted by Consulate General of Pakistan in Chicago on Friday, July 6, 2018

The man maps out the timeline of his life’s journey in Punjabi and it will immediately bring a huge smile to your face.

Instances like these ones tell us how little to no difference between two entirely different people is if they’re welcoming in their nature towards the others.

Jyotsna Amla

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