Abijit Ganguly’s Take On Having An Elder Brother Will Tickle Your Funny Bone Till The End!

Having a big brother has its pros but it has cons as well. They pamper and spoil us but with a sense of dictatorship and before growing up into an adult, we have to admit that we hate the treatment we keep getting. Big Brothers and Big sisters too for that matter, always get to be the first and the next in line always and always get to be the second one, (nobody acknowledges the fact that no-one and I mean it, no-one wants to be the second ever. (Though we love Big Bros and Sisis but that’s the truth).

Abijit Ganguly, who have been breaking us into laughter has done a stand up on ‘How Having Having An Elder Brother Makes Your Life Miserable’ and the puns are so damn accurate that you won’t be able to hold yourself from laughing out loud and connect to it completely at the same time. (No Offense To All The Big Brothers But This Guy Just Nailed The Truth).

Watch The Full Video Here:

(Video Source: Stand Up Comedian Abijit Ganguly)

Admit it, all the incidents have reminded you of your childhood and they are right on point. I mean we have always felt the anger and frustration towards them but Abijit’s, stand-up does not only cover the exasperation but also make us laugh while taking us down the memory lane.

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