Abijit Ganguly’s Gig On Kapil Sharma Supporters Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud!

Abijit Ganguly has been doing the rounds in the news circle because the stand-up comedian reported that The Kapil Sharma Show‘s writers lifted his joke and used it on their show. Where a lot of people came forward and supported him, there was a huge population (basically Kapil’s fans) who wouldn’t stop abusing him. Well, normally a person gets irritated by such incidents but Abijit turned all the thrashing into a piece of art as he used most of it in his next stand-up performance and he, just nailed it.

Abijit Ganguly proved that there is nothing in this world that an artist like him couldn’t transform, his gig on Kapil Sharma fans is beyond hilarious as every pun that comes out of this guy’s mouth will leave you laughing your a** off. We are amazed to see how spontaneous this guy is and we are sure that nobody would have thought that this guy would appreciate even his haters.

Watch The Video Here:

Dear Kapil Sharma supporters, we do understand your love but for god’s sake do not hate bash an artist who is just trying to tell truth to the world because Kapil did not lift the joke but the show’s writers did and in any case that is just wrong. Understand that Abijit too, make people laugh and he shouldn’t be hate bashed for taking a stand.

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