Abijit Ganguly Just Gave The Sheer Truth Of An Inter Caste Marriage In India

India, the home to 1.3 Billion people who are united by their country, yet still somehow divided by their community and their own customs and their own needs to get their kids married into their own community. It’s true. Arranged marriages in India are still limited to one’s community and it’s just the love marriages that have brought two communities from the same country to come together and understand each other much more nicely.

One such love marriage was of Abijit Ganguly, the entire procedure did give him some pretty funny incidences to be shared in one of his shows. He did a set on ‘Story of my Bong Gujju wedding’ which was released in two parts, and gosh every minute of these two parts are hilarious.

He talked about how something in marriages just doesn’t change, they remain the same for everyone getting married. Like the groom’s hesitation and bride’s excitement with the invitation to his wedding, or how the concept of over-enthusiastic relatives for Suhagrat can be found in just every wedding. Plus, who can forget the excitement a groom and bride’s friends have for their wedding, it’s unmatchable. Plus, even Ganguly as a groom wants to just question Suraj Barjatya for the need of glorifying stupid customs in his films.

Abijit Ganguly gave a hilarious disclaimer to his video, stating “Your Wedding Is A Wonderful & Memorable Experience, For Everyone Else”. And, if this doesn’t disclaim you for the hilarity, then I don’t know what will.

Ganguly being a Bengali and his wife being a Gujarati, made them realise that there are some stereotypes that are just true to the core. For example, the existence of a real-life oldie Baa and much more.

Watch The First Part Of Story of my Bong Gujju Wedding

source: Abijit Ganguly

The next part includes some more funny incidences and an amazing example of how anything inexplicable in an inter-caste wedding, is considered a custom of the other side. 

Watch The Second Part Of Story of my Bong Gujju Wedding

source: Abijit Ganguly

All in all, the entire 12 minutes of Abijit Ganguly’s wedding are too funny to be missed and if you don’t want to, then check it out.

16th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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