‘Aao Mazhab Mazhab Khelen’, a spine-chilling poetry by budding poet Zeest will make you wander the places of mind that are beyond morality and societal norms. Don’t you ever think that we humans have hit a new low and we are anything but humans? Religion, casts, sectors and what not, society has divided us all in so many categories that we do not think of people as people but they appear a surname, class or state to us. We have become judgemental and towards whom? The same humans who bear one heart and soul just like us.

We all are a masterpiece cut out from same cloth, made of same bone and flesh yet we kill, we discriminate, we ill-treat our owns. Zeest hits all the right strings of heart and compel us to think that may be in between the battle of being superior than the other, we have forgotten to be human and our humanity is certainly lost. He has laced all the words with disappointing emotions only to send a message that we do not need boundaries that have been drawn between us, and ‘Aao Mazhab Mazhab Khelen’ is actually a plea so that we can be equal – humans.

‘Aao Mazhab Mazhab Khelen’: Watch Full Poetry Here:

Isn’t every word tug to your heart? Zeest who has been reciting poetries for 4 years now, surely know how to pen down emotions in words. Throughout his recitation, each line has managed to stir some serious thoughts in our mind. The poet has already performed at IIT Bombay, Kala Ghoda art festival, and Tata Institute of Social sciences. This 26 January special is surely one of his best performances.

We hope such poet keep writing on such serious pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Avni S. Singh

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