Sadness may often seem like an extensively debated subject in literature but is still very much a part of our lives. And yet, sadness is everywhere if you think of it. For some reason, happiness is hidden at some place away; perhaps someplace unknown that we are all searching for. But when there a hundred little tiny things that are sad and may continue to remain so.

You know the following to be a sign of sadness- the sight of poverty, gangly but promising youth lost to drugs, a heinous crime against women, separation between a loving couple and whatnot. You’ve even seen beautiful people being lost to sadness and princesses and princes depressed and reportedly jaded in life. But have you ever in the life of you heard of a sad dog? How ridiculous might this sound?

But no matter what you said or did, this is the truth. A sad dog actually pictured in the west, inarguably someone’s pet has just earned the dubious distinction of the world’s saddest dog and possibly, ever. In a single stroke of instant, the said dog- an English Bulldog- earned as many as 32,000 followers on Instagram.

English Bulldog

The sombre looking mutt, it can be easily seen, sports really gloomy eyebrows and having been repeatedly photographed and shared on various media portals- the English Bulldog has now become quite a famous celeb. Although, lest it was forgotten not for the biggest smile possible.

It is believed that the English Bulldog resides somewhere in Deutschland and its German owner’s name is Janina. The lady insists that you have to simply look at the pet for a bare instant or two and you can easily spot how dull or gloomy does the dog look. One of the famous pictures of the world’s saddest dog actually shoes the English Bulldog with sombre-looking eyebrows, seemingly dull being made to sit perhaps forcefully in a handbag doing nothing but staring at some tinned food lying at a distant corner.

This image has become so implicit to describing the otherwise cute and cuddly English Bulldog that it’s become on the more common web-searches in the current context. And that’s not all there is to the sad dog story. Apparently, the pet dog of the German lady is a ‘she’ and is even given anointed with a funny nickname that is getting her more popularity by the day.

English Bulldog

Nick-named “Madame Eyebrows” for the incredibly cute spots all over the body that seemingly resemble a real living person’s eyebrows, the dog has rather expressive eyes that are taking everyone by surprise. What must be the possible reason for the English Bulldog’s sadness, one wonders? Did it not get a chance to poo and when was the last that it took a dump? Is German chancellor’s face making the cuddly pet bitter and sad or is the sadness owing to Putin running his fourth stint as the Russian President? Just what is the issue with this mutt? Can anyone please guide? Can you?

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