Valentine’s Day is approaching. You know what that means? A bunch of couples will roam around in public, hands in hands and be all romantic and stuff, while completely making the lives of all the single people, miserable. All of us singles have been through the same story, year after year.

After all, you know what they say, being single is amazing, except for Valentine’s week and Holidays because that is the exact time when everyone seems to have a special someone, except for you. Admit it, we all have been here and felt exactly the same. While some did it confidently by blasting the news to the world, others bury in the dark corners of their confide rooms and admit it to no one else but themselves.

However, a bunch of people on Twitter, the micro-blogging site connecting the world with 480 characters at a time, have come out of their blues to share the real reason behind #WhyImSingle (not me, but they).

Here are some of the best from the lot that spoke directly to us and were very relatable.

Now, this might be the actual reason why all the singles are really single. 

Now that you’re done with this list, what is your reason for being single this Valentine’s because let’s be real, if you were not, you wouldn’t have been here reading this.

Jyotsna Amla

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