Flying can fetch great fun for some and can even result in something ridiculous for some others. There’ve always been cases of people withstanding horrendous and unforgettable flying experiences but none can possibly get weird than this one. Apparently, the revered Emirates airlines recently asked two passengers who were really allergic to nuts to be seated inside the toilet. Who does that? Perhaps not even the most insufferable wife would ask that to her partner.

Can you dig that? What does that make one of the most revered airliners in the world? A nut-job, maybe. Thankfully, it ought to be said, that the two aggrieved passengers weren’t asked to be seated on the roof of the plane so as to avoid any travelling discomfort. Huh?

The incident transpired recently in the month of May, 2018 and resultingly shocked the two siblings who were allergic to nuts and had complained about the apparent discomfort to the flight attendant. In fact, the identities of the two Indian passengers who were instructed to sit inside toilet is known. Brothers, Shannen Sahota and Sandeep Sahota were asked by the airliner to vacate their seats and be comfortable inside the washroom.

The two brothers are aged, 24 and 33 respectively. And the two had been travelling from Birmingham flight all the way to the heart of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The journey, according to the two, should’ve been a normal flying experience like many others but was anything but that.

Inside 40 minutes of being mid-air, the duo (real siblings) were served fried nuts and they panicked, as a result. It is, of course, a well-known fact that those who are allergic to nuts can get really uncomfortable and begin to fret easily. Therefore, in this case, the trouble of the two wasn’t anything too sudden or unbecoming. But what made their plight even more telling was that not once or twice but on three separate occasions did the two inform the flight attendants about them being allergic to nuts. And what was done in the result?

Despite being panic-stricken, the two were told to make themselves comfortable in the loo? It’s not funny, but it ought to be asked, what if, hypothetically, they would’ve found to their utter discomfort someone’s abandoned packet of nuts? Wouldn’t that have made their condition ever far worse. And the shocker doesn’t end here actually. It’s also known that at the time of booking their tickets from Birmingham, the two had informed the airline about the severity of their condition. Still, strangely, the airline went nuts mid-air.

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