It’s called the city of love. It’s an abode of great joy where one’s greatest of dreams take flight. Once, Audrey Hepburn had remarked famously, “Paris is always a good idea.”

But one’s got to admit that even if the great Hepburn were alive and amid us today then upon knowing that such a bizarre incident transpired in her favourite city, she would’ve been left stunned and at loss of words.

It appears that in a well-known restaurant in the majestic city a waiter was shot down by a customer and turns out that the reason was inexplicably bizarre and something none would’ve ever expected to turn true.

The waiter in Paris who was shot down was at the receiving end of the ire of a temperamental customer. What basically happened is that the customer was constantly complaining regarding a sandwich that had been ordered and owing to the fact that the water in Paris restaurant wasn’t able to deliver the order on time, the angry customer lost his cool and shot dead the harmless man.

But if you thought that this is the only bizarre occurrence in the entirety of the episode then you are mistaken. It appears that the gunshot was fired toward the shoulder of the waiter. Even as the police and medics were quick to arrive at the spot of the incident, the waiter would eventually collapse as a result of the injury sustained from the shoulder-wound.

Sadly, the waiter in Paris would collapse at the pizza and sandwich shop located at the Noisy-Le-Grand suburb and none could save him.

What’s implicitly sad in the demise of the waiter is that he was all of 28 years of age, with an entire life ahead of him.

The police were soon informed by other attendees at the restaurant that the waiter was shot at because of the length of time that he took to prepare the customer’s sandwich. And undoubtedly so, surrounding shop owners, locals and passers-by were alarmed and terrified by the occurrence of the episode.

When contacted then a local woman present in the area had the following to share, “It’s a quiet restaurant, without any problems. It just opened a few months ago.”

But on the contrary, some residents in the said area happened to share that over the course of the past few months, one had witnessed a somewhat increase in the rate of public drunkenness and incidents such as drug dealing.

But at the end of it all, all said and done, this was certainly a heartbreaking yet bizarre unfolding right in the heart of one of the world’s most admired and alluring cities.

Who would’ve thought that someone would have to pay the price of his life for an act as banal or lame as taking a bit of time to prepare a sandwich? 28 is no age to die, is it?

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