One of the most-anticipated days of the year for every person in a relationship, Valentine’s Day, is finally here. There are some who just can’t curb their excitement, while others are constantly trying to drown in the misery of not having a special someone. Then, there are some who just love to laugh at their misery (or not) with all the confidence in themselves.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is all about being in love and enjoying the feeling in eternity, but there are millions of singles living in this world and they’re trying to cope up with their misery by simply laughing it off, or better, sharing it with the world.

Much like every year, even 2018 Valentine’s Day is filled with people taking a hit on the day and their singledom by tweeting extensively. In the midst of all these tweets, there are a ton of jokes that perfectly sums up the entire day of love for many, check out all of these over here:

With this huge list of jokes on Valentine’s Day which one was your favourite from this lot?

Jyotsna Amla

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