Twitter Is Lit With The ‘Floor Is’ Memes, Check Out The Best Of Best, Here

Brand new day, brand new kind of memes ruling the Internet and just making our day brighter.

Whoever invented the Internet would never even in their weirdest dreams have thought of it becoming the source of happiness for millions of people in the name of memes. And with memes becoming a rage all over the world, there’s something new in the Internet market. And, that is, the ‘floor is’ memes.

These ‘floor is’ memes are just so relatable and quirky that you would not be able to stop yourself from sharing them with your friends. The real deal is that the people on Twitter reinvented the old game of the ‘floor is lava’ where you immediately have to stand on something above the floor in order to save yourself from the lava, as soon as someone says this to you. Someone on the Internet just mixed this saying with a picture and that’s how the ‘floor is’ memes started. And, following this, came various variations and these are some of those.

Check these out and enjoy your day:

on Twitter

the floor is being sad online twitter:

whoever threw that paper, YA MOM’S A HOE on Twitter

the floor is supporting women’s rights, believing in climate change, & wanting equality for everyone regardless of race/religion/orientation

Sarcasm on Twitter


Ricky Dillon on Twitter

The floor is good at texting back

C on Twitter

the floor is people that dont deserve me

Candy K8 ✨ on Twitter

the floor is pineapples on pizza

Dory on Twitter

The floor is anxiety me:

East India Comedy on Twitter

goes to a stadium and shouts “CHOR CHOR CHOR”*

pathikrit on Twitter

The Ironical Baba on Twitter

The floor is Indian law.

Bakwas Rider ️ on Twitter

The floor is consent of a girl


the floor is A- Indian people:

Robert B. on Twitter

The floor is a respectful guy that’s actually interested in you, makes you laugh, & won’t cheat” Women:

timmy on Twitter

the floor is respecting women”.

victoria on Twitter

the floor is racism, homophobia and sexism

In the end, whether the floor is lava or not, Wonder Woman would rule it all!

15th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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