There are certain theme songs that will always be stuck in our minds, no matter what happens and where we go. And, then there are theme songs that will immediately ring an alarm in your mind, an alarm that transports you to the world from where that theme song came.

One of these is the Harry Potter theme song. This John William instrumental track has the ability to transform millions of Potterheads into the magical world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts in mere seconds.

Now, one desi Potterhead has decided to flip the entire thing out in order to give a more Indian touch to it. He added various desi instruments like tabla, harmonium, sitar and many other to give it an Indian twist. The rendition is beautiful, to say the least, and you should immediately have a look at it.

Watch The Video Here:

This Mahesh Raghvan creation is something that words fell short of, in the end, we would just like to state that this desi ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ is stunning. Already stuck on it, on loop.

Jyotsna Amla

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