This Guy Doodles Monsters On Delhi Metro Passengers And They Are Beautiful

Delhi Metro is nothing short of a blessing to the people living in Delhi who are able to commute for some 2 hours with air conditioning and constraint time limits. No one will deny the fact that Delhi has ridiculous traffic conditions where you can possibly be stuck at a single place for some odd hours due to a single person’s mistake.

However, during the metro commute time one doesn’t have a lot to do, and in such cases, we resort to the good old combination of music and the Internet which has everything to pass our time. One of us commuters, however, think a little differently. Samar Khan has decided to spend his time a little differently, he captures some images and threw his doodle on it to make it really something one can’t even expect, out of these pictures.

He posts his work on Instagram under the handle MetroDoodle which already has some 5000 followers.

You need to check out MetroDoodle to believe us when we say that these doodles are some of the best that we’ve ever seen. Khan told Buzzfeed that spends some 3-4 hours commuting daily and he started doing this just to kill his time and out of boredom. Another amazing thing about him is that he isn’t even a professional, Khan is a full-time software developer and considers doodling his hobby which is limited to metro commute only.

Check out the images over here:











Aren’t they totally amazing? Well, we hope Samar Khan keeps on with his good work and if possibly doodle on one of ours picture while being in the metro.

4th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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