These Covfefe Memes Will Solve The Word Mystery For You!

If you’re on Twitter and don’t know why the heck is Covfefe appearing everywhere, all of a sudden, then just sit down, because we will be disclosing the mystery to you. It all started as the US President Donald Trump was in on his Twitter session where he tells the world what he’s thinking, literally with zero sugar-coatings. In exactly one of those sessions, Donald Trump tweeted out a word, which has united everyone. Be it Donald Trump fans or Donald Trump haters, every*freaking*one is collectively witnessing the power of one word which brought together millions of people on the Internet. 

And the word isCovfefe.

Yes, on a fine Wednesday midnight, Donald Trump tweeted something about the constant negative press and ended the sentence with – Covfefe. While initially, everyone considered it to be a true mistake which will soon be deleted by the US President, it didn’t happen.

10 Minutes. 15 Minutes. 30 Minutes. 45 Minutes. Time Just Passing By.

And, the tweet is still up on President’s Twitter account. (we don’t know if he’ll delete the tweet or not, but to be on the safer side, we are inserting an image of it). As of now, the tweet has some 145k likes and 115k retweets, which is a record in itself, but it’s still up.

covfefeThis single tweet has left some 31 million followers of Trump completely baffled, who just don’t know – What does Covfefe mean?

Even Merriam-Webster, the dictionary that has become one of Donald Trump’s most prominent and unlikely critics, had to make clear that it didn’t know what the word meant.

It might just be a typo, or it can mean something very deep, who knows but Twitter is trying their best to decode its meaning. And, some are even having fun with it, check it out:

31st May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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