“It’s fully compatible with Justin Bieber, was present in the jury when each time they ignored Leo for an Oscar, it drips from overdone makeup, is promoted by fake news in media, can be found in aplenty inside the White House: stupid is ubiquitous”

Stupid is as stupid does. So said Forrest Gump. And he even acted well the part. Didn’t he? But while a lot in Forrest Gump’s life was borderline-idiotic, it wasn’t all stupid. For instance, he didn’t have to deal with Donald Trump. There was no Linda Sarsour in his life.

But come to think of it, what might have happened had Forrest had to check in at a hotel that went by the name of Hell? In case you are wondering if this is some kind of a weird joke- then don’t think on those lines.

It really is a real place here on God’s stupid earth.

At a time where it’s hard to gauge what’s more idiotic, between Trump’s Tweets and his hairstyle, it could be said, a lot of focus is being deviated from where it should rest: of course, toward some really bizarre towns and cities, provinces and regions whose outright stupid names pay a homage to the person who named them so.

And guess what, while we don’t know who named these places, for the sheer good laugh that these places warrant, we are naming a few here. Disclaimer: these are real places; nothing fictitious whatsoever.

Welcome to a place renowned for mishaps

Daily Mail

Ever heard of bollocks? You may have! Well, this is a complete load of bollocks. It’s indefinable and simply dumb. Thankfully, there was no real estate advertisement promotion here that read- “prosperous apartments and luxury villas now available in Accident!”

This is- believe it or not- a real town in the state of Maryland. And whether it’s by “Accident or not”, there are no more than 300 who reside here. Well, accidentally so, perhaps, who knows?

You will now be……

Daily Mail

Did you feel someone hurl an axe at you whilst you programmed your brain cells to actually fathom this place’ name? Whether this is a promotional feature for a juicy game of paintball or a PR campaign by the Republicans to thwart the Democratic party’s burgeoning pressure, you can be assured that it happens to be the name of a real place in the United States.

A city in barren beauty of Texas, the story behind the name of the city is rather interesting. Back in 1912, the city was named so after a bloodied confrontation that took place in the state of cowboys. But while there’s been no national validation of the fact, it seems that the above has been confirmed by the locals who live here.

Whatever it is, the place is quite ‘pain’ inducing already.

Welcome to a city/village where one needs to introduce the concept of birth-control

Daily Mail

Well, what else would you take away from such a name? Is this the modern pantheon brighter than the sin-city- Las Vegas? Is there a growing clout of fertility clinics here and hence the name? Just, why on earth would anyone name a city Fertile? Oh, we get it now! See, it says clearly it’s been there since 1856 and lasting even today. In that case- shouldn’t it have been called erect instead?

Anyhow, fact- this is a real place in Iowa county.

Put Audrey Hepburn amid looming corporate towers and some snow

Daily Mail

If you happened to have called us stupid- we won’t blame you. But just what other description could have been seemingly juxtapositioned alongside this rather bizarre description for a city’s name: Beautiful Downtown Chicken?

Try to understand our predicament too, please?

Or could it simply be that this city serves icy chicken lollipops or dictates the stupid rule of tucking into some chicken whilst wearing a snow-coat? Why would America have a place that goes by that name?

That’s something that Donald Trump’s parents didn’t wish to use

Daily Mail

And, the rest, they say is history.

Imagine how positive might have been the ramifications had that had happened for the rest of the world?

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