Do you remember, what you have done when you wanted a leave from school? Wrote a leave application right? Well, move over people, because it’s 2018 and those boring leave applications aren’t making your teacher’s world go round.

What should you do?

How about learning a thing or two from this kid who is making Twitter go gaga over his idea of leave application?

Basically, this kid from Pakistan sang out his entire leave application in folk style to his headmaster.

Yes, that’s the first, isn’t it? A leave application song. It may sound unusual only it’s cooler and wittier. The video of this leave application song was initially uploaded by Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy and since then it has gone viral on Twitter.

It seems like today’s kids definitely know how to be on the radar of popularity.

The kid actually listed out the date, month, year along with the reason. He tried to punctuate the song as much as he can but he did miss some notes here and there, we guess he knows – the freedom of creativity (oops, Karni Sena we didn’t say anything)!

Here is the whole song:

Shehzad Roy on Twitter

Please is ko chutti day dain.

As soon as this video created buzz, the whole twitter emerged asking leave for this oh-so-creative kid.


1. Full Stop Ke Saath.


malik Tanveer on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Chuti dy dn r wo bhi full stopppp k sath

2. A Plea That Can’t Be Denied!

Kiñzä on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Ab to chutti Dy do

3. Banti Hai Bhai Banti Hai!


Shehroz Baluch on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Yrr iski chutti to banti hai…

4. Period.

Talha Chaudhry on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Leave granted <full-stop>

5. 1 Month…What?


Asif naz on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Khuda ka wasta Yar 1 month ki chuti day do is ko…..

6. How Can Anyone Miss That?

ŘιDα on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Full saaatopppp ooo Qommaaaa

But hey, not all of them were appreciating the talent of the kid, some of the sensible people actually took dig on a serious matter. They condemn the poor education system and the reactions are great ones.  

1. We Guess Headmaster Will Be Very Upset After Reading This.


Awais Bajwa on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy @BemisalIqbal Kindly grant leave to the teacher too. Permanently

2. That’s A Bit Harsh Though!

Bee Em on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy Even today in private schools students are forced and encouraged to use this method for learning. They are not even allowed to make sentences by themselves or write the essays. What will be the future of Pakistan??? They r just producing Duffers and running a business!

3. Problem Addressed Right!


HeArTvOiCe on Twitter

@ShehzadRoy I feel very sorry for this beautiful and inteligent kid. He tried his best to learn. This our education system after 30 years of PMLn govt on punjab & 70 year of independence @CMShehbaz @MaryamNSharif @hinaparvezbutt @Marriyum_A @MaizaHameed just imagine your kid in his face..

Well, we hope that the government their provide such amazing kids better education. Meanwhile, we are thinking if this idea will work on our bosses or not?

What do you think?

Avni S. Singh

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