New Year’s Eve and award shows are an Indian combination that can never ever go out of style. Admit it, we all have, at some point or the other, spent our New Year’s Eve by watching one of these award shows.

Another fact that every Indian would associate with, award shows have a history of introducing entirely made-up categories to felicitate the celebrities, just for merely existing and being there. Yes, it’s very much true and anyone can decode it.

Something similar to this happened on this New Year’s Eve at the Star Screen Awards. Viewers came face to face with an award which can seriously be given to the award show itself, because well, with this move they surely have nothing else to hide. The committee, if there’s one, decided to felicitate Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon with an award in the ‘nothing to hide award’ category.

STAR PLUS on Twitter

Congratulations @kritisanon and @shahidkapoor on winning the nothing to hide award. #StarScreenAwards

People on Twitter just couldn’t understand what this new and weird category meant, which is why they immediately started decoding it, with some hilarious presumptions.

Aaqib Raza Khan on Twitter

Oscars Jury: It’s a tough call. We can select any one winner. There are huge expectations. Indian awards: Kaun se actors aa rahe hain? Haan to “Happy New Year” bolne se pehle sabko return gifts dene ka hai. What besharmi? We’ve nothing to hide bro.

Saumya Kulshreshtha on Twitter

@aaqibrk What is Nothing To Hide Award? Too much nudity award?

Dosra Parera ️ on Twitter

Pic 1- Nothing to Hide Award – Whatsapp Pic 2 – Nothing to Hide Award – Twitter RT for Twitter, Like for WhatsApp Replies pls

भગवाधाરી गुજ્જુभाઈ ✌️ ✌️ on Twitter

Nothing to Hide Award goes to.. #StarScreenAwards


So what exactly is a “Nothing to hide” award?

Shaitaan Khopdi™ on Twitter

And award for ‘Most forced Award name’ goes to –> ‘Nothing to hide award’

abc on Twitter

@amitrj87 @rkgeemail @OneTipOneHand_ @ExSecular These people copied…. They have something to hide…. They can never win this “Nothing to hide award

Item ✪ on Twitter

Sunny Leone deserves nothing to hide award… Star screen awards are so fake .

Reshma Patel on Twitter

@StarPlus @kritisanon @shahidkapoor Interested to know what their speeches were. What the efff does the ‘nothing to hide’ award mean exactly?

Aditya Gawde on Twitter

@StarPlus @kritisanon @shahidkapoor Future categories – Tu attend karega toh tujhe bhi award milega award. Tu mera bhai hai award. Main Panvel se aaya hu toh ek toh banta hai award. #StarScreenAward2017

naveen on Twitter

@StarPlus @kritisanon @shahidkapoor And ‘Ain’t give a damn’ award should go to star plus viewers

Suchita on Twitter

StarScreenAwards has a category called ‘nothing to hide award’. It is apparently for actors who share their personal lives with ‘fans’ on social media regularly . They gave the award to Shahid and Kriti. Afterall nobody should go empty handed

✨✨ on Twitter

Iss saal hum star screen award mein nayi category introduce karne wale hain, nothing to hide award” Me:

wonderfully weird on Twitter

Just when I thought zee cine awards werre the most faltu one screen proves me wrong! Amd aye btw @shahidkapoor u Still received award :p even thou u didn’t attend! Hmm

Indian National Con on Twitter

Sonam Kapoor deserved this award as she is an open book n has nothing to hide

Bollywood Gandu on Twitter

An award Amitabh can never get.

Well, one can clearly see, award shows in India are failing miserably at their job.

Jyotsna Amla

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