What could be the different reasons to talk to your dog? Ever thought about that? Perhaps you may have, or you may not have thought about it. But here’s some perspective. While in normal life, we human beings tend to keep regular and normal communications with the others, but when it comes to dogs, then communication is slightly different but important at the same time.

Truth be told there can only be few other resplendent joys that can match the one of owning and taking care of a pet dog. To state it simply, the literary legend Mark Twain wasn’t wrong a bit when he shared that a dog is a man’s best friend.

How To Talk To Your Dog

When the two get together, it could bring unmatched fun and hitherto less experienced joys and pleasures. The feeling is indescribable, in all honesty. In fact, if one were to truly appreciate the significance of the bond shared between a pet and its owner then it could be likened to a very friendly equation, something that’s close on the lines of a parental bond. At the end of the day, the purity of emotion and honesty in this intimate bond is one of a kind.

reasons to talk to your dog

Therefore, to nurture the relationship with your pet dog, you’ve got to be communicative. You’ve got to talk enjoy a seamless bond with the furry friend of yours. On that count, let’s look into the 5 reasons to talk to your dog:

Talking Improves The Bond You Share With Your Dog

One of the most beautiful relations that a human being can ever nurture is the one with his pet dog. It’s not a rocket science discovery; tales have been written about it, movies have been made on it and true stories that are based on it have inspired as much as they have entertained.

Talk To Your Dog

One of the primary reasons to talk to your dog is for the simple reason that this simple exercise can strengthen your bond with your pet. The foundation for this beautiful relationship is, at the end of it all, affection and respect. Why not strengthen it and cultivate it further?

So one of the things that talking to your dog does is that it enables the pet to become comfortable to get around you and your voice.

The Aspect of Human Speech Can Be Interesting

One of the most interesting aspects of the equation between an individual and a pet dog is the one that concerns the human speech. While surely, the dogs aren’t trained or made in a way that they can understand the trickiest or minutest of all human emotions, there are certain words and phrases that are easily understood.

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One of the things that dogs can understand rather easily are things said in affection and care. When you pet a dog friendlily he or she relates to it and responds to it accordingly.

That same way, the dog is also aware of your troubles or if you are upset or perturbed about something. It’s very interesting that dogs keenly receive positive messages and those that are in good staid, such as ‘do you want to go for a walk?’ or ‘you are a good dog!’

It’s Considered Good For Human Health

Now here is a really interesting point, perhaps something not everyone would know of. It is believed that communicating with dogs tends to improve the general health and well being of an individual.

And if you are wondering how then here’s some food for thought. One of the best things that a pet could ever do for its friend or owner is that he or she can always play the part of a non-judgmental audience.

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The fact that the entire world could go against us and show us in the wrong is something that the dogs aren’t privy of and hence, doesn’t stand true in the case of the friendly furry beings.

So if you are having a bad day and are particularly stressed about something, then simply expressing it to your dog who’ll listen patiently could be a fine way to indulge in some catharsis, something that we often miss out on in life.

One of the sweetest things that could ever happen to us is that we can bear our heart out to our dog(s) and we won’t be judged in return. In fact, talking to dogs is something that the counselors and therapists even prescribe especially when their clients are fraught with some kind of conflict resolution.

So isn’t that one of the best reasons to talk to your dog?

Dogs Are Known To Learn Through Repetition

A great way to ensure that your dog is learning and receiving what you truly intend is to repeat certain key phrases or words. Experts suggest that listening to its owner is one of the best ways that a dog could learn from.

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Our pets are habitual and quick learners in the sense that they tend to quickly pick up words or phrases that are repeated or used often.

Therefore, it’s not too hard to spot instances wherein a person repeats several phrases on a day-to-day basis such as- sit, stay, go, jump, bath, treat, no!

It’s Actually Good For The Dog

One of the best possible reasons to talk to your dog is down to the fact that it is actually good for the pet’s health. Did you hear about this one before? Well, you may have.

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Another perspective is that since the dogs are ever so friendly and receptive to us and our feelings, responding through every tiny to intricate motion to our various emotions- for example wagging their tail, raising their ears- the least one could do is to be equally communicative of them.

When you are able to interact closely and frequently with your dog, it sends a positive affirmation to the dog that you care for him and that he can feel safe and grounded in your company (or presence). That being said, try to be as receptive to your pets as possible. Talk to your dog, care for him, take him out for a walk and do things for him with the same keenness and enthusiasm that you would extend to a child or someone of your own.

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