As it turns out, then Pakistan’s Netizens are doing their bid to contest the scrapping of Section 370 in Kashmir.

The scourge of tense Indo-Pak relations seems to have hit rock bottom where popular culture is concerned for there’s no other way to put it really.

Who knew that the scrapping of Section 370 would fetch such extreme reactions for normal citizens on the other side of the border?

It wasn’t too long ago when the information and broadcasting ministry of the Government of Pakistan decided to put a complete ban on all Indian TV and Film content, with the government declaring that no longer will any Indian movies be screened anywhere in Pakistan that here comes another shocker.

Within a few hours of that controversial ruling, it appears that Pakistan’s Netizens have unsubscribed from all Indian YouTube channels.

What’s rather surprising is that #UnsubscribeIndianYouTubers is now the new top trend in India. But, truth be told, Pakistani Netizens have not only unsubscribed from various Indian YouTube channels but have also asked their fellow citizens to do the same or act in the same way.

Within hours of the article being revoked in Kashmir, the entire incident has drawn strong and scathing responses from Pakistan and one could say, expectedly so.

Moments from the widely-debated ruling being made, several hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis took to Twitter to express their disconsolation at the decision that gives Kashmir a ‘special status.’ The Twitter stratosphere in Pakistan is fuming with hate messages for India and it should be asked whether all of this is indeed, surprising for India?

Not only is there strong contempt being felt for the Indian politics and Indian politicians, but people are spewing verbal hatred for Indian journalism. Central to this boycott is that the Pakistanis, in general, have asked to boycott pretty much anything that is Indian.

Less than a week ago, it was informed that even advertisements that have been made in India may be taken off the TV screens and hand-held devices and now, this rancour on the social media channels. It could be said, therefore, that where it stands at the moment, then the Pakistani Netizens have sort of declared war on anything that’s Indian.

Harsh times lie ahead for both countries and it doesn’t appear whether the situation will ease up a bit anytime soon- will it? One wonders, whether Prime Minister Imran Khan has already unfollowed his Indian counterpart on Twitter, has he?

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