We are surely living amid dangerous times. In an age where Xenophobia continues to divide our world and its communities, there’s hardly a surprise to note that hundreds and thousands of people enter various nations illegally. This is both surprising and somewhere, also heartbreaking particularly because evolved and developed societies are constantly pushing for the world to adopt and adhere to the Diversity+Inclusion mantra!

Devoid of the means to make a life based on sustenance, lacking opportunities, and chances of betterment, each year countless people decide to enter other nations via illegal means. No wonder then that the number of illegal migrants gravitating toward continents that offer a chance of better livelihood and improved conditions of living is a major newsmaker of the day.

But what’s making news in that regard is something that has stunned the heart of Europe currently. If it were to be described as a piece of breaking news then it would suffice to say the following:

Pakistani migrants caught in France.

And those Pakistani migrants caught in France measure up to over 30 in number.

Pakistani migrants caught in France
ANI News

The Pakistani migrants caught in France were apparently hiding in a lorry, the incident taking place in the picturesque and very touristy Southern France (or the French Riviera) region.

Interestingly, among the Pakistani migrants caught in France, it was reported, there are three teenagers. The said lorry (or truck), it is confirmed, was intercepted in a routine check on a noted motorway in Southern France.

But in the heart of this story is the nationality of the man who was driving the truck. It’s perhaps surprising to note that the man who was behind the wheel of the seized lorry was a Pakistani.

All the Pakistani migrants caught in France are currently in the police custody and the news has, since then, erupted into a scorcher in the mainstream European media.

Undocumented Migrants in France

But truth be told, incidences such as this aren’t entirely uncommon in Europe, especially when one talks about the recent times.

Not too long ago in the not so distant past, a similar incident rocked Europe! One controversial issue had disturbed the United Kingdom in the recent past.

As many as 39 bodies of migrants were recently discovered inside a truck at an industrial park in Grays, which happens to be a town that is located only 40 kilometers east of London, the capital of the UK.

The main catalysts of that gruesome episode were five suspects, which included the driver of that truck. The ones that were doubted were eventually arrested but then, three were released basis a bail.

Illegal migrants in UK
The Times

But there was more to that episode than what one may have thought of initially.

What was rather perplexing was that at a time where it was believed that the bodies belonged to Chinese nationals, eventually, a lot of Vietnamese individuals stood up, after it was reported that there were several members of Vietnamese families that had gone missing.

But what’s intriguing about the latest episode in France is to assess as to what might happen to the future of those who are now in the captivity of the authorities? It remains to be seen as to what might become of the fate of the 30 Pakistani migrants caught in France?

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