A few days back a man from UP, Abhishek Mishra, the social media manager of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, cancelled his Ola as the driver assigned to his trip was Muslim. The man shamelessly bashed his ‘somehow’ achievement on Twitter which not only invoked a huge social media outrage but also got the cab service talking. Ola responded to Mishra’s tweet with some fine fundamentals of our country, served to him. The company also said that they’ll take an appropriate action against the man.

Now that’s something not only inspirational but also a great medium through which one can be taught that bigotry would not be tolerated in the country. And, anyone who tries to invoke any kind of hatred among certain kind of people would be served what they deserve, no matter what privilege they come from.

But, much like everything, Twitterati found a certain kind of comedy even this too which is can easily spot in the new trend, people on Twitter are trying their hands on. A bunch of people are now narrating their weird and funny reasons for cancelling a cab. Apparently, they’re all cancelling cabs and that has nothing to invoke hate on certain people, but to let certain know how stupid the entire thing sounds to others.

Check out some of these hilarious reasons for cancelling the cabs, over here and die laughing.

No matter how serious or critical a situation, Twitter never fails to bring out the comedy in it and provide their own twist on it.

Jyotsna Amla

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