For the Delhi NCR region, the concept of Rave Parties isn’t perhaps indicative of a brand new occurrence or happening. Isn’t that correct? ? For over a decade and a half now, the concept of rave parties has attracted a sense of notoriety, something that anyways engulfs Delhi NCR with a wicked raised brow.

While this has been a sort of an everyday scenario in states like Goa,

The lure of drugs, easy drugs at that, a great party, fun vibes, and girls and, whatnot- there’s hardly a surprise that hundreds of thousands have over the course of the past so many years, been part of rave parties in Delhi.

In fact, one wonders, whether something like “rave party Noida” would’ve sounded like some sort of an unknown enigma for that part of the Delhi NCR that one commonly identifies with being an IT hub, industries, tech-related businesses, chaotic parking jams, and traffic snarls?

But guess what, most print and magazine dailies in India are definitely going to carry headlines on May 6, 2019 that’ll have Rave Party Noida as a prefix!

After all, it’s not always that one finds 200 people arrested from a region of Delhi NCR that’s a principal contributor toward employment generation, revenue creation among other things.

But you read this right. From the 200 people that the police nabbed from a Noida rave party on Sunday, there were around 161 men and 31 women who were caught on the spot, as other continued developments come to life.

But if you were to separate the term Noida from the catchphrase Rave Party, then probably you would be in for some sort of a surprise, truth be told.

This is owing to the simple fact that of those arrested, most happen to be from Haryana and only a few are from Noida. What was seized from ground zero so to speak, included 31 hookahs, 30 liquor bottles, 112 beer bottles, all of which were meant for ‘sale’ in Delhi. The incident happened at a Noida farmhouse, as per the reports.

And that said, elaborating more on the story, NDTV shared the following piece of information on the organizers of the rave party:

“The key organisers have been identified as Amit Tyagi, Pankaj Sharma, Adnan Ahmed, Balesh Kohli, all four from Delhi, and Kapil Singh Bhati, from Ghaziabad,” Mr. Krishna said. Above that, a probe is already underway on those who happen to have been arrested, with several sections of the Indian Penal Code having been brought into play.

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