While some brands and companies consider women’s day to be just another great day for marketing and advertising their products and services, in some parts of the world people actually celebrate the women in their lives and around them for existing with confidence and attitude, despite being shunned as a weaker gender in all walks of life.

This women’s day Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on Twitter and wrote, “Through their exemplary deeds, several women have left an indelible mark in the history of humankind. They continue to inspire generations. I urge you to write about some women who inspire you. #SheInspiresMe.” Soon, several people from PM Modi’s 40.9 Million followers came forward with their tribute to the women who have inspired them. Particularly, politicians and celebrities in the country.

While some went ahead with inspiring female figures in the country, others took a closer look at surroundings to find the woman that inspires them the most.

Mothers were particularly the biggest one to get this ode, well, because, they’re mothers and the most selfless creatures on this planet for their kids. In the whirlpool of so many tweets, a particular tweet from Smriti Irani stood out in the crowd. She stated that Sushma Swaraj has been the women in her life who inspires her the most, and tweeted, “From a young minister at 25 to redefining citizens outreach as EAM, @SushmaSwaraj Ji made us believe every goal can be achieved through sheer hard work. A powerhouse in administration and Sangathan – #SheInspiresMe!

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That’s exactly how women would like to celebrate their Women’s Day, by saying a heartfelt thank you to other women and supporting them. After all, women supporting women is the reality we all want to live by and only “empowered women can empower women”.

Jyotsna Amla

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