Snorting cocaine in many of the world’s major cities is part of common knowledge. And it’s got nothing to do with the bygone era of the hippie revolution, truth be told. It’s just what it is. People resort to drugs either straight out of a habit or purely for recreation. But then, what is rather surprising is that when it comes to snorting cocaine in London, then it can no longer be called just a random recreation activity. It’s an intrepid habit.

And do you know snorting cocaine in London can be put down to people’s obsession with the dangerous drug? Well, to put it simply, one has to believe the numbers that are ‘telling’ and put forth a scary picture.

Snorting cocaine in London is common and regular a habit that its quantity is way more than what they do so in Barcelona. Now if that’s not a shocker already, then one wonders what is?

In fact, according to a piece of recent news, the amount of cocaine snorted in London is actually more than what is snorted in Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam combined. It’s worthwhile to remember, however, that in Amsterdam cocaine is just one of the drugs that’s part of the whole recreation scene, with marijuana being commonly available everywhere.

But the real story concerning cocaine in London only swells into an uninspiring picture when one dwells beyond the headlines. If in case, you are wondering about how much cocaine is consumed for real, then it’s worth knowing that every 24 hours, more than half a million doses are consumed in the English capital.

In addition to the above, the estimated street value of cocaine consumption in London is around £2.75 million, which is twice the amount (of the same) in any other European city.

source: Evening Standard

The breaking piece of news was first covered via an investigative story by the famous Sky News that reported the finding by the forensic scientists at the King’s College.

Later, Metro carried more details on a truly shocking piece of story and shared the following:

While Bristol was named the cocaine capital of Europe last year, with more users of the Class A drug per head of population, people in London take more per day than Europe’s next three biggest cocaine-taking cities combined. Barcelona averages 12.74kg, Amsterdam residents take 4.62kg and people in Berlin consume 4.62kg, although it must be noted that London has a far bigger population compared to these cities.

This means London’s annual pure cocaine use now equates to more than eight tonnes, which has an estimated street value of more than £1 billion. Dr Leon Barron, a forensic scientist at King’s College London, said that cocaine was an ‘everyday drug’ in London, with the study finding ‘sustained cocaine usage across the week’ in the capital, with only ‘a slight rise at the weekend’.

And that’s not all. Dr. Leon Barron further stated, “That is in contrast to other cities where you see a very marked recreational use at the weekend, and so cocaine is an everyday drug in London.’

It’s also worth noting that the amount of cocaine consumed in London is in the drug’s purest form which doesn’t include those substances that which the class A drug is cut with- such as- lidocaine and benzocaine.

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