Mother, the queen of this world, the one because of whom procreation is actually possible and life is really going, is a special person.

Every mother’s love is different for their child, but there’s one thing common in every mother and that’s the love they have for their child. Some show it, some don’t and then there are some the world, especially the entertainment industry, is inspired by. They are the perfect mothers the one who wakes up early, goes to bed late and spend each and every second of their day thinking about others because that’s exactly how everyone perceives them to be.

But the reality is, a mother is a person, just like everyone else and they feel the same thing like we do, react to them like we do, it’s just they don’t tell you about it, at least not on your face. Which is why some of them decided to take it to Twitter to express and describe all the good, bad and ugly of mom life.

1. A mother indeed needs her break.

2. The truth has been spoken.

3. How was your day?

4. Motherhood. A never ending job.

5. A baby and a plane, not the best of combinations.

6. They hate us.

7. Toddlers can make you look at every side of every problem.

8. Moms eat desserts when everyone else is asleep.

9. A toddler needs his dinner.

10. Kids can sense relaxation.

Now that we know of all the possible and almost impossible miseries a mother goes through, we love, respect and care about them even more.

Jyotsna Amla

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