This is one of the most realistic representations of how modern Disney princesses would look.

Disney princesses have so many things about themselves that make them amazing and at the same time, awful. However, one this is for sure, we would not stop consuming them. Their stories would be retold and re-shot and re-shown to kids and even adults, all over the world. Maybe because how soothing they are for our imagination.

Because of their popularity, which is huge, people time and again try their best to create modern Disney princesses. How they would look, what would they wear and how would they carry themselves, has always fascinated people. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch if Cinderella be able to keep up with her monstrous step-family or not. Or if Ariel would actually decide to go to high school this time and what not?

One particular artist, Fernanda Suarez, a Chilean digital artist has created 7 modern Disney princesses and they look spot-on, belonging to the time that we live in.

Suarez started her project off with Snow White in July and is constantly trying to cover all the Disney princesses that we have loved and adored. These modern Disney princesses look just like any other teenage girl who enjoy their hangout time with friends and are constantly active on Instagram. They shop at Forever 21 and have grown up watching tutorials from YouTube.

So, check out these 7 modern Disney princesses and lose your heart to all of them.

1. Belle

modern Disney princesses belle

2. Cinderella

modern Disney princesses cinderella

3. Snow White

modern Disney princesses snow white

4. Pocahontas

modern Disney princesses pocahontas

5. Mulan

modern Disney princess Mulan

6. Ariel

modern Disney princesses ariel

7. Jasmine

modern Disney princesses jasmine

So, who was your favourite modern Disney princesses? Tell us in the comment section below.

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