In the land of Kane Williamson, Russell Crowe, Zoe Bell, among the likes, why is a teenager making news in New Zealand? Above all, why’s he being called New Zealand’s smartest teenager?

You understand New Zealand to be among the most beautiful countries in the whole wide world. In the troika comprising of neighboring islands and Australia, it is arguably the most beautiful country. Serene, quaint, and bestowed with earthen charm, there’s plenty of natural beauty in the land of the Maori culture and natural hot water springs, known as geysers.

But there are also some interesting personalities from the land known for its sporting prowess in Rugby and Cricket that one needs to know about. Wondering who that is? Well, the Jacinda Ardern-led country is currently being dominated by an ardent young man, a scholastic mind of sorts.

It appears that the famous country known for its Kiwi bird has found a personality being avidly described as New Zealand’s smartest teenager. Yang Fan Yun is all of 18 but is making news all across the country with six provinces.

So what is the reason?

Yang Fan Yun, not out of his teen years yet, is making his way to a university, rather a temple of learning most crave to spend at least a summer at. Believe it or not, but the New Zealander of Oriental heritage has made his way to the prestigious Stanford University in California.

He’s being considered arguably the smartest teenager in New Zealand because he’s just recently won the Prime Minister’s Award. This award has been presented to Yang Fan Yun for he scored the highest marks in scholarship exams.

And there, almost in a jiffy after a brilliant academic showing, some of the best universities in the world came knocking on his doors. At a time where any talented youngster wouldn’t even spend a second before enlisting her or his name at the eminent Stanford, one wonders just how special is the feet for the brilliant Kiwi teenager?

On this memorable achievement, all set with his bags packed for California, United States, the boy happened to share some thoughts:

“I took 10 scholarship exams last year and I was fortunate enough to win all 10, including five outstanding scholarships,” Yang told TVNZ1’s Sunday program.

He further added,” it’s going to keep my mind stimulated. I think it’s just interesting to learn something new. When my grandfather was maybe going through periods where he wasn’t feeling very well that really struck me and I guess really brought home how healthcare was so important.

“I think it’s one of the areas I think you can make the most difference.”

Now if it might be said that life’s one grand adventure, then it won’t be wrong to say that the same awaits Yang just next month.

He’s surely done an entire country proud and at the same time, may have even inspired several youngsters and his contemporaries to follow suit. At the tender young age of 18, Yang is pumped about the idea of contributing his bit to change the world for the better.

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