Well, let’s just put it this way that there are various ways that separate the normal from the absurd. For example, eating fruits for breakfast, boarding a plane for long-distance travel and washing clothes and wearing new ones each day are regular functions and normal actions in life. Isn’t it? Similarly, eating stale food, not taking a shower for days together, driving without the blinkers on at night or to put it simply, writing an English language exam in French are abrupt and bizarre things.

These are simply things you do and those that you do not do.

But have you ever wondered as to what might be even more bizarre than the above? Well, believe it or not at a time where doing something remarkably absurd as marrying a corpse would appear as one such instance, to a man in China it’s something quite normal!

Confused? After all, what would one gain from marrying a corpse at the end of the day? Well, it appears that marrying a corpse was in fact, a way of life and an effort to prove that love lasts it all, for this unique man in China.

marrying a corpse
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So at a time where a thing as marrying a corpse would give any normal human being the eeriest of experiences, to a 35-year-old Chinese man, it was simply a thing he had to do.

The man in question here goes by the name of Xu Shinan, who ended up marrying the corpse of his wife Yang Liu and that too, during the latter’s funeral service, thus catapulting to the attention of the world through what can only be called a bizarre piece of news, something that’s unbelievable but is true.

Thirty-five-year-old Xu Shinan married Yang Liu’s corpse in front of his family in a funeral parlor in east China’s Dalian region. The duo was together for 12 years.

According to reports, Shinan stayed by Liu’s corpse seven days ever since her death, a tradition in China to pay respect to the departed.

marriage with Corpse

Shinan and Liu were classmates and fell in love with each other in 2007 before registering their marriage in 2013. Liu was diagnosed with cancer just three months after, amid their wedding preparations.

After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Liu’s condition improved. However, in 2017, her cancer made a comeback following which her condition deteriorated. She slipped into a coma on October 6 and died a week later.

But all of that said, while the above may read out as a desperate and unfulfilled love story, a tale that has a seemingly eerie ending with a man marrying a corpse, there certainly is love at the heart of it all.

Think about it. Here is a man who loved his wife and dearly so and now, all that he is left with is the corpse of his wife, one who suffered endlessly and went down fighting, leaving their love story unfulfilled. While to most of us- doing something on the lines of the 35-year-old Chinese man is simply unthinkable and undoable, to the ever-loving and grieving husband, this was simply a way to prove his undying love and commitment to the dear love of his life!

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