#LuckyAnkit Has A Chance To Win Year-Long Membership Of Bira 91, & Oyo Rooms, Durex Condoms & Much More

Remember the guy who recently broke the record for most numbers of Retweets and went on to have a Guinness World Record for the same. All of this was done for a year-long supply of Wendy’s year long supply of chicken nugget. Wendy’s asked for 18 million retweets, and even though Carter Wilkerson wasn’t able to reach a number that high, he did manage to bag 34,32,218 retweets. On the ‘Nuggs For Carter’ journey, his tweet broke the previous record Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar Selfie.

Now after the success of ‘Nuggs For Carter’, there’s one in India who is trying his hand on loading free stuff and that includes Bira 91. Ankit Jain, who already has some 38.2 k followers on Twitter, decided to tweet to Bira 91 for a year-long supply of beer and the required amount of tweets for this dream to turn into reality.

Call it the story of fates or luck, Jain did get a reply from the company who slide in a declaration of 91k retweets for Jain’s request to come to life. Now, this entire thing can either blow out of proportion or simply go on as another incident that bites the dust, but no one would want to take chances. This is why various other brands jumped in to make their contribution in this deal.

His Twitter exchanges started trending on the platform with #LuckyAnkit.

There were many who decided to give freebies to Ankit Jain if he went on to reach the milestone set by Bira 91. From Ola to Oyo everyone is here, because who would want to miss out on a prime opportunity for PR. 

We don’t know if Ankit would actually reach this limit or not, but he would then there’s a lot of drama around his circle for free booze and pizzas and even condoms.

16th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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