From past few days, the news of Sridevi’s death has been flashed all over media, from print to the Internet, but it was the TV media that blew the entire incident out of proportion. In order to attract viewers with their creative ways of telling the comparable truth, the media added flashy headlines, cheap graphics, and appalling hashtags.

Primetime news deviated from a bunch of people mindlessly shouting at each other, to investigate and dissect every detail regarding Sridevi’s death. Many have come out to state the obvious that Sridevi’s death has brought out the worst in Indian media.

While at first, it was the impossible standards for actresses, the equation soon turned into a possible murder mystery or alcohol and what not.

By yesterday evening, every speculation behind the death was annulled and Sridevi’s body was finally being brought back to her family in Mumbai. But the speculations didn’t end even then, media houses were looking for some dirt, some reaction, some misinterpreted truth to show on their channels.

However, by last night people on social media came together to counterbalance the waves of insensitive speculation with the hashtag #LetHerRestInPeace. Actor Renuka Shahane even took it to Facebook to call the idiocracy of the media and stated, “Dear News Channels, please allow Srideviji’s soul to rest in peace,” she wrote, adding, “Live your lives the way you want to but let others live their lives the way they choose to and for heaven’s sake, let them be in peace after they have passed away.”

Here are other reactions and tweets from the #LetHerRestInPeace.

Sridevi’s body has finally reached the country and it the funeral will take place today. Condolences and last respects will be given to the actor between 9.30 am to 12.30 am at Celebration Sports Club, Andheri. The cremation ceremony will be 3.30 pm onwards at Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium and Hindu Cemetery, Next to Pawan Hans.

At the end of it all, one can only wish if the Indian media was as fixated on political wrongdoings and other things, as they were on Sridevi’s death. May no other death in the country goes through the same scrutiny until the circumstances really call for it.

Jyotsna Amla

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