Usually, when the talk concerns about America, then one tends to generally focus on the polarising nature of Donald Trump’s politics, the wild cannon of a relationship that the United States fosters with Russia, lifestyle culture in upstate New York, or the myriad environmental concerns facing states such as California. We also tend to discuss the popular culture of American social media idols and focus a lot on Hollywood’s glamorous stars and movies that make cash-ringing headlines. One doesn’t get to hear a lot about subjects pertaining to literacy. Isn’t it?

So when a recent piece of news emerged surrounding the least-smartest state in America, there were obvious reactions from far-reaching corners. In fact, one hardly gets to read a lot in the press about the least-smartest state in America. Isn’t it?

We know the state hailed as the sunshine state, we know quite a bit about the cotton-state of the United States, and of course, there’s hardly any dearth of knowledge about the Grand Canyon State.

But reading about the least-smartest state in America is not an everyday subject of intrigue- is it?

Recently, Idaho, in a nation-wide study of all of US’ 50 plus states suggested that the region famous for massive potato production is being recognized as America’s least-smartest state. So why is it so and what is peculiar to this development?

Experts at suggested that Idahoans need to brush up a lot in terms of subjects of mass interest and knowledge and have to embrace the tag that perhaps none would want to be associated with: being part of the least-smartest state in America.

In fact, the matter of the fact is that Idaho is the 51st smartest state in the whole of America, following closely the state of Washington- which should also come across as a big surprise, truth be told.

All of that said, in case you were wondering how the general Idahoans fare vis-a-vis the rest of the states in the massive country, here is how the Idahoans pan out:

  • Adults 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree: 18.2 percent
  • Idaho’s high school graduation rate: 80 percent
  • Average SAT score: 993
  • Average ACT score: 22.3

Idaho received a final score of 79.5 while New Jersey (those smarty pants) had a top score of 337.8 making it the smartest state in the nation.

But at the same time, while Idaho, overall the 14th-largest state in the United States, has courted a lot of attention for being the least-smartest state in America, credit must also got to New Jersey, that has topped a ranking any region would be proud of.

Nothing can bring the Garden state any more joy than saying that it is a region that is full of bookworms, a land filled-with bright brainiacs.

Recently, the New York Post also highlighted the following in relation to New Jersey:

Roughly 24 percent of New Jersey residents have a bachelor’s degree and 91 percent are high school grads — far more than the Empire State as a whole, according to the study by, which researches home and personal safety.

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