There is an emoji for quite literally everything, falling in the vast range that covers divergent human emotions. But, is there an emoji for forgiveness?

Truth be told, here’s something that few can discount or challenge. The entire way in which we engage in communication; express our thoughts, share our feelings, interact with the larger canvass of the world around us has undergone significant change. It’s as if, someone has attached an instrument of liberation by way of inventing the emojis today. It ought to be asked, therefore, if anyone can imagine their day-to-day correspondence without an emoji?

Maybe yes, at least to those who aren’t so taken aback by the incessant usage of technology and definitely not for those among us who juggle their everyday tasks and challenges in between jostling around on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Right?

Today, regardless of what we feel, whether we experience some kind of sadness or glumness, happiness or ecstasy, delight or anger, there’s an emoji used for everything. Perhaps it may not be wrong anymore to suggest that one cannot imagine or identify an individual today who sends out a piece of communication, particularly using smartphones, without the involvement of some sort of emoji.

But here is something that not many have thought about!

While there’s an emoji out there to amplify our feelings that usually range from happiness to sadness, gratefulness to anger, there’s no emoji for forgiveness.

So, the question remains: why hasn’t anyone ever thought about creating an emoji for forgiveness?

But just when one thought that the above missed everyone’s imagination and effort, it appears, that a group of Finnish individuals is working toward creating exactly what lacks today: an emoji for forgiveness.

In fact, according to reports in the latest news portals from Europe even carried details about what could be an impressive new creation for today’s Millennials and Generation- Z.

It appears that a group of individuals in Finland are crowdsourcing ideas to create a forgiveness emoji to add to the official list later this year.

Positive news platform – carried some highlights to an interesting story and shared the latest developments in this regard:

A group of charities and organisations in Finland have launched a campaign to create an emoji for forgiveness. The ‘Forgivemoji’ campaign is crowdsourcing ideas for an emoji to say “I forgive you”, with the ultimate goal that it will be added to the official collection by Unicode Consortium by the end of 2019.

There are currently six ideas in contention for the design of the forgiveness emoji, including two hands clasped in front of a heart and a smilie face offering a heart.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) is the main group behind the campaign. It has partnered with Felm, Finn Church Aid, Helsinki Deaconess Foundation, the National Movement for Reconciliation and the Crisis Management Initiative CMI.

The above told, what’s most interesting is that once the emoji for forgiveness comes about, it’ll be worthwhile seeing how frequently and widely is the same used in an age where modern digital communication is increasingly being defined by the use of emojis.

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