Some say that in America, if you lose nearly a 100 pounds, you are to pose next to your old pair of pants. But whether or not, that is a requirement of the constitution, one can’t say. What one can say, however, is that people are often so obsessed about their favourite pair of pants that given a choice they might as well sleep in them. Did you ever have a pair of pants you liked so much that you hated changing it for any reason and wished you could just sleep in those?


Well, chances are, now you can literally sleep inside a large pair of pants and they needn’t be actually meant for being worn for daily use. In case you are scratching your head and have no idea what is being talked about then here’s some clarification. A Japanese company that goes by the name of Felissimo has just created its very own range of sleeping pants that actually function as a giant sleeping bag.

Like all great advertising campaigns stem from a poignant thought- called insights- all great products also emanate from an irreversible truth. Often, it is profound love for an article that leads to habitual consumption. For instance, denim jeans pants. An entire world wears it. So much so, that if given a choice, one might never trade his or her denims ever. Perhaps, this might have been the marketing insight behind which the Japanese firm Felissimo came up with this brilliant idea that, believe it or not, has a rather long name. Super-big Wrapped in Warmth and Happy Fuzz-lined Sleeping bag.

sleeping bag

Here’s more fascinating detail about a product that has great utility, whether it is meant for everyday domestic, homebound consumption or for adrenaline-fuelled adventurous tours, such as camping. The giant sleeping bag actually costs nearly $380 and is about 8 feet in length and 4 feet in width. There’s a zipper at the top that gives you all the breathing space you need as u lie down tucked inside the warm cozy confines of what appears to be a behemoth of a denim styled pant.

So in this age of scruffy lifestyles where alternative choices to conventional daily-use items are widespread, would you make space to accommodate this giant sleeping bag?

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