Spine-chilling beheadings, cold-blooded disruption of civil properties and murder of hundreds and thousands of innocents in the heart of the Middle East: in a part of the world where there’s hardly ever any dearth of chaos or consternation, the ISIS spread its evil wings for nearly half a decade.

And then, there came about a change.

For close to a year now, one thought that the dreaded Daesh was done and dusted and that its control over the better part of the Middle East, where it exulted with an iron-fisted approach was over.

But is the ISIS really sitting back in some kind of defeat? Well, Germany doesn’t think so. Rather, if it must be said then Angela Merkel’s Germany isn’t willing to believe that ISIS is a thing of the past.

But why’s that? What has happened suddenly and above all, is there a larger concern staring Germany in the eye?

Apparently, where all leading western media news outlets stand, then it can be said that ISIS may have fallen in the Middle East- its core trajectory of terror and operations- but the Caliphate is still causing a few tremors back in Germany.

And the cause of the worry is basically linked to the returning fighters (from Germany)- that measure in hundreds- who had left the European continent to join in the bloodied uprising in the middle east, in support of the grotesque terror organization.

Beneath the blanket of civilian peace, there lies a whisker of a doubt or to put it simply, a trail of terror, a reason for worrying: that ISIS fighters based in Germany may gang up again and pick the weapons in some kind of regrouping.

After all, one cannot simply turn a blind eye to a colloquial saying that suggests: birds of the same feather, flock together!

Here’s what the esteemed Fox News network had to say in regards to ISI and its Germany-based returnees:

A newly released German government intelligence report for 2018 finds a high level of danger from ISIS returnees. Of the more than 1,000 Germans who traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the terrorist group, 350 are back in Germany. Others have died, or remain in Kurdish prisons, mainly in Syria, with a small number in Iraq.

Some of the returnees are in German jails, while others await trial. Some are in hiding after slipping through the European Union’s porous borders. The German government has admitted having completely lost track of more than 160 of the former ISIS militants, the news platform DW, headquartered in Germany happens to report.

Here’s a serious attitudinal concern:

Of the people who are welcoming the ISIS fighters happen to be Germany’s growing community of Salafists – Muslim fundamentalists who shun German secular life and pose security threats.

But all of that said, what’s perhaps more worrying is the fact that even the female fighters of ISIS are as motivated as the men (if not less) to build an Islamic state that can properly proclaim victory of the Islamic law and upon one and all; one where the terror and hate mongers can spread the Sharia law.

Guess all of this may be leaving Germany with sweat on its palms.

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