In what can only be sufficiently described as arguably the most haunting footage discovered in recent times, the body of a woman who was literally swallowed alive by a deadly python has emerged for the first time.

Strange are the episodes when someone so close to us and so important is simply snatched away by a dire strike of misfortune. Even stranger are episodes when the person who suddenly was taken away is returned in the form of a dead body. You cannot even imagine the consequences or how that feels.

It is like peril nightmare. It is like imagining the unimaginable. Who would ever wish for something like that? A few days back earlier in June, a few residents in the Indonesian village of Sulawesi were in for a major shock of their lives. This was an incident one would wish for never to happen.

A simple mother of two children was swallowed alive by a giant python when she had been out gardening in her house. The lady was quite simply nibbled away by a deadly 27 feat python completely unbeknownst to all who had been around in the village. The common word is that the Indonesian village of Sulawesi is infested with lots of dangerous pythons; giant reptilian snakes one wouldn’t even wish for an enemy to face in life.

Soon, upon the shock and sudden ‘disappearance’ of the said lady, a mighty hunt was launched in the village. The two children were clearly upset and worried about the fate of their mom. The next day, a day later to her disappearance, the knife that the lady had been using was found on the ground. This led to some concerns until something shocking was discovered a few hours before.

Wa Tiba, the lady who had vanished from the face of the earth suddenly, leaving behind worried searchers had been found, albeit as a motionless body.

The villagers were shocked to find the body of Wa Tiba inside a really stuffed up Python that was captured by a few in Sulawesi. As the body of the deadly python was cut and torn apart, amid everyone’s horror there emerged the body of the lady that had been swallowed and hence, killed.

It is noted that in the immediate aftermath of launching a search for Wa Tiba, a pair of sandals, a torch and other stuff belonging to the woman had been found. Just that, none knew where the lady had gone. Now that she’s been found- absolutely dead and motionless-there is nothing but pure horror among those who’ve found the dead woman.

Sadly, present at the scene of the body being recovered by the villagers were also the grieving sons. May the good lord never make anyone see such a horrific scene in life. Here’s what was discovered when the body of a bulging python was discovered thanks to the enormous efforts of everyone involved in the manhunt.

The villagers discovered an enormous python on the ground, barely able to move due to an enormous bulge in its belly after it had swallowed the housewife head first. It is reported that everyone was crying and everyone was clearly shocked at what had been found. This was, as they say, stuff that might be happening in the hell.

Gathering around the Lohia residency of the Muna province in the Indonesian village of Sulawesi, shocked onlookers discovered what was later revealed to be the body of the woman. These are episodes where one simply can’t do anything to avoid the shocking outcome.

But that is not all. The above episode does make one ponder about the importance of human life and just what are the set of the local bodies and authorities actually doing to curb the growing python menace? Despite there being a clear awareness of just how venomously dangerous these pythons are- can there be something done to protect the villagers at large? At the present, the villagers do not have the luxury of having to stay indoors for a large amount of time. It is known that due to farming and fishing being the two common forms of livelihood and means of occupation, locals have little choice than to spend their times out in the open.

This is when they are most vulnerable to the python attacks.

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