‘Haan Haan Hum Peete Hain’: Nazar Battu’s ‘Scooter 420’ Is What Millind Gaba Wants As His Ride For Goa!

Nazar Battu has come up with another interesting story where our beloved Bilal was struggling to woo a girl and ended up losing the girl, his savings and faith in love. Well, as the title suggests, there is more to the video, Millind Gaba has collaborated with Nazar Battu in this story for the promotion of his new song ‘Haan Haan Hum Peete Hain’. So the story begins where Bilal narrates his story to Shakti Bhai that how he saw his crush on someone else’s bicycle and went to buy a scooter from Pappu Bhai to win her back but Pappu handed him a scooter that was good for nothing.

Now, Shakti Bhai tries to dominate the owner but he and his “Chela” both get beaten black and blue. Shakti Bhai realizes that he would have to use some brain and he sends Millind Gaba to the garage looking for the same scooter (which he have no desire to buy) and revives 40 thousand bucks for that same shitty scooter which was as good as “Bhangaar”.

Watch The Full Video Here:

( Video Courtesy: Nazar Battu Productions )

Now, the last few moments of the video tell us that Millind Gaba is launching his new song and guess what? ‘Haan Haan Hum Peete Hain’ is already out and it’s the perfect track for those who are tired of this scorching heat and want to chill in Goa. Well, even if not that, you will enjoy the song because “Daaru” gets most of us excited even if there is no reason to gulp it down our throat. So take a break from your monotonous life and hit the play button for ‘Haan Haan Hum Peete Hain’.

 ‘Haan Haan Hum Peete Hain’: Watch The Full Song Here:

( Video Courtesy: T-Series )

The song is sung and written by  Millind Gaba himself and the music has been composed by  MUSIC MG.

30 May 2017
Avni S. Singh

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