Google in Finland! If this doesn’t read like a keyword yet, then wait for some time. Because guess what, this is what it is going to be like soon in the iconic Nordic nation!

Google, one of the world’s leading internet companies, rather, a giant in internet space will now enjoy a more pronounced presence in Finland. The famous Nordic country, formerly home to the legendary Vikings, the land of countless saunas and the great embodiment of living a chilled out, laidback life is going to be increasingly about Google.

Two of the biggest projects in the entire space of the world wide web see Google in Finland going great guns. While on the one hand, there’s a next-generation data centre that’s already come about at Hamina, a famous municipality around 145 km from Helsinki, on the other, there’s a technology training hub set up by the American mega-corporate in the Finnish capital.

These two individual developments alone suffice in explaining how Google in Finland is creating a great change.

The current commitment of Google sees it interacting closely with national and state bodies in Finland to deepen its commitment to the famous Scandinavian country.

The famous Tech journal carried interesting highlights of this development and happened to share the following:

Firstly, the web giant is investing €600m to build a next-generation datacentre at Hamina, a coastal town 145km (90 miles) east of Finnish capital Helsinki and close to the border with Russia.

In a second major capital commitment, Google has partnered with the City of Helsinki to establish a technology training hub that will deliver entry-level and advanced digital skills courses to job seekers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

That being told, it’s not the first time that Google’s interaction with Finland has made headlines. If one were to rewind the clocks back to 2011, then almost a decade back in time, the American search engine had initiated a data centre, a first of its kind, at the famous Finnish port city of Hamina.

Now, 8 years hence, Google in Finland is doing what most would expect a massive tech company to do: expand its horizons even more than before.

But that said, just where exactly in Hamina is Google making its notable data centre? Apparently, what used to be formerly a paper factory- now, lying disused and idle- has been taken over by the tech giant to initiate its brand new Finnish development.

A member of the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment noted, ” It is government policy to bring more international technology companies and investment to Finland.”

Apparently, the cool climate of the country coupled with its low energy cost base make Finland an ideal destination for several tech companies furthering their flight and working on projects on developments and expansion.

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