We as a generation have grown up to be adults who go in extreme directions of everything, and one of such things is drinking.

Throw in phones with drinking and you’ll definitely get tons of regrets in the morning that are just too hard to let go of. There’s a reason why don’t drink and text is another answer to a huge problem we all have come face-to-face with, at least once in our lives.

Many of us have been there, a few drinks down, high on life but the bar has closed and you want to continue the party. Suddenly the craziest of things happen, you get this sudden urge to do whatever the hell you want. More often than not, this includes texting your ex or crush or even some random stranger.

You very well know that the entire situation is 200 percent true. Right?

In such case, we have accumulated some of the best and most funny drunk text one can ever send. These range from talking with people while being drunk, to actually get to know what you did last night, through texts and they’ll make you laugh like anything.

1. Never buy something while being intoxicated.


2. She found a true homie in Abul.


3. Someone, please give this man a Twinkie.


4. We all have done some crazy revelations while being drunk. Right?


5. Riddle master can’t scare this person.


6. She truly is dating an idiot!


7. This indeed is a funny drunk text that we all want to receive at some point in time.


8. Alex is busy replying himself.


9. This mom would be regretting this text so much on the following morning.


10. Gurl, you got a wrong number.


11. We all want a friend like this one.


12. Please be our friend.


13. The secret is out buddy.


14. My life in two texts.


15. And, the award for the best and most funny drunk text goes to this dude.


While all of these texts are indeed funny, one needs to understand the importance of drinking responsibly. Be aware of your own health and don’t do something stupid.

source: BoredPanda

Jyotsna Amla

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