Princess Diana, perhaps it was universally acknowledged, was the people’s princess. She was about style, in its very natural form. And above all- was about an essence that Princess Diana carried that made her one among the countless in the world. And maybe for all that she was and represented, it became a norm where people hardly addressed her as “Diana” and instead, stuck to Princess salutation always.

The latest member in the royal family, inarguably, has generated a lot of talk and curiosity for, well, she is the latest addition to arguably, the world’s most talked about family, after the Duchess of Cambridge. The amount of talk that Meghan Markle has generated in the whole of England and the world could be likened to the spread of the Atlantic ocean. It’s maddening. It’s exciting and, it interests people naturally. When Princess Diana entered the Royal family, the entire world saw the proceedings.

When Meghan Markle entered the family, the world saw the proceedings again. The nationally-televised event in England made people besotted the world-over. The sparkling similarities between two people related to Prince Harry- the former his mum, the latter his wife- made for interesting reading material.

And now, there seems to be something even interesting, even more, similar between Diana, the people’s princess and the latest entrant to Britain’s Royal family. Apparently, it has to do with the nickname used for the Queen. The name that Princess Diana often used for the Queen was “ma’am”. And it’s just been confirmed by most of the British Press that Meghan Markle also uses a lot of “Ma’am” for the Queen of England.

Isn’t that interesting? Akin to finding something similar from two very contrasting personalities, two individuals from different walks and cultures of life- the simple usage of the nickname “ma’am” for among the most powerful person on the face of the world has brought about an uncanniness of sort in this regard.

Most people would feel that it is a surprising nickname. Others would feel, well, it is, but a nickname. Simple or whatever it may be, you instantly sense that there’s this warmth in using the phrase, “ma’am” for the Queen. And therefore, it shows the rather simplicity of Meghan Markle. Interestingly, the Queen is also addressed as “Your Majesty” by Meghan Markle when the two were off to a quick trip to Cheshire.

The usage of the phrase, “Maam” is often thrown at times whenever the two elite members of the Royal family interact with one another. And if you thought that, that was that- then think again.

The nickname of “Ma’am” can be shortened to Mama, when Meghan gets to know her as Diana did. But never by her pet name Lillibet, which can only be used for some very close family and friend. It’s almost like that nickname is reserved for close members of those who know the Queen well. In fact, so interesting has been the reception to the usage of the nickname for the Queen, that among England’s most well-respected language experts- Judi James, the Queen feels confident about the personality and ability of Meghan.

The Queen feels really confident about everything that Meghan Markle does- the way she interacts with people and the way she is generally. Other experts have pointed to the body language of the Queen and her new granddaughter-in-law. The two seem to be quite affectionate with one another. Even as there are some situations that warrant some formality between the two individuals, on most other occasions- the Queen and Meghan Markle- are warm and simple with one another. It’s been told that their overall tone is both relaxed and warm with each other.

Even whilst sitting together, the two, as seen in the family visit to Cheshire are seen cracking a joke with each other- which is well, the biggest sign of camaraderie and warmth. But, when it comes to public affairs and engagements, it is something that’s an implicit part of the Royal Family of England and they’ve been engaged in dozens of thousands of ceremonies and events and other programs that see an interaction with the common public. A mighty’s true personality can be understood and gauged from such events and occasions. And the two, so far, have just hit the right chords. It is expected that in the coming days, Meghan Markle, who’s already been accepted by one and all in England as the new Royal Family member will be embraced ever more keenly and warmly than before.

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