The Coronavirus outbreak seems unrelenting at the end of the day. Had it not been the case, for sure, there wouldn’t have been minute-by-minute updates surrounding the massive epidemic. And isn’t that obvious?

But nonetheless, what cannot be denied or overlooked is the rise of Coronavirus in Italy. And at this point in time, the situation surrounding Coronavirus in Italy is pointing to a state of worry which may become a permanent one if it isn’t checked or controlled.

So after all, what is happening; what about Coronavirus in Italy is so worrying, one might ask.

At this point in time, it’s confirmed that as many as 100 cases of deaths have been reported due to Coronavirus in Italy. That there’s an air of tension in around cannot be denied. After all, there’s this really consuming virus that’s out there, one which is already making people perspire owing to stress and things that seem to paint a picture of worry.

So what else is happening? In fact, it is not incorrect to suggest that panic has only stricken Italy. There’s California, the famous ‘sunshine state’ of the United States where tensions have been on the rise ever since the first case of demise owing to the said virus was confirmed.

That being said, it’s important to note that while different states condition (or respond) differently to situations like these, what cannot be denied is that California is responding with a sense of immediacy to the outbreak of the Coronavirus out there.

Death toll in Italy due to coronavirus

In less than five hours- it is confirmed- since the news of the first casualty was reported from one of the largest states in all of the United States that one learned about the state of emergency being declared back there.

That’s some response!

Meanwhile, the exact situation back in China, the spot from where the problem emanated cannot be shared with exact clarity. This is down to the fact that there are certain news platforms that suggest the number of critical cases and death counts have gone down while there are others that maintain that the state of seriousness prevails regardless of what the issue might be according to most others.

At the same time, it’s not hard to understand that the scare surrounding Coronavirus hasn’t really died down and is, in fact, a persistent problem in several other areas. For instance, take India for example where the things are so serious that not a single flyer arriving at and going to various destinations has been kept out of the screening tests.

The fact is that the need to take medical precautions and monitor all individuals so that it can be ascertained whether one’s carrying the virus – has never been greater.

That being said, any suggestions about being safe and aware at all times are of utmost importance and not some carry-forward drama from a particular WhatsApp group, obviously!

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