Perhaps it could be said that if there’s a name that is screaming and reverberating across the decorated corridors of the Yale University at this point in time, then it is that of Eugene Redmond.

It appears that this Yale professor has perhaps invoked a spot so utterly black and unforgettable in the checkered history of the university, that it may not be forgotten anytime soon.

Yale professor Eugene has been long associated with the famous university’s Psychiatry department. But in what appears as a piece of news that’s every bit shocking as it is true, Professor Eugene Richmond has a history of highly malicious and dubious nature that’s rubbed students on the wrong side.

What’s utterly unbelievable is that it’s taken a rather long time for the university to charge the Yale professor for the misdeeds that he’s responsible for.

In a shocking piece of news, the said professor used to lure his students to an island before he would go onto sexually molesting them. The reckless behavior persisted for a good 25 years before justice would be brought to the students left reviled and horrified by their tutor.

An intricate Yale investigation into the matter revealed more information.

But the noose around the professor’s neck began closing in only after interviews were conducted with as many as 110 respondents, of which 38 were current and former students.

Here are some lucid details of the investigation report on the Yale professor Richmond:

The 54-page report revealed missteps by Yale administrators that allowed a chronic abuser to prey upon students for decades. Redmond, affiliated with the Yale School of Medicine faculty for 44 years, is accused of sexually assaulting at least five students and performing unnecessary, invasive genital or rectal exams dating to the early 1990s. He committed acts of sexual misconduct involving at least eight other undergraduates, recent graduates, and one high school student, according to the review conducted by Deirdre Daly, a former U.S. attorney in Connecticut.

At present, the professor has been banned from entering the campuses at all times and has also been denied all privileges that are usually extended to a retired faculty member. But one wonders as to what efforts has the university brought in, in a bid to eliminate such dubious acts from occurring in the future?

It’s believed that Yale has planned to change protocols for internships, overnight programs, and also disciplinary action. At the outbreak of what can be called as a real shocker of news, Yale’s President Peter Salovey has issued an apology and offered some thoughts:

“Redmond’s actions, reported by the survivors who came forward, are reprehensible and antithetical to the educational mission of our university. On behalf of Yale, I am deeply sorry Redmond’s behavior was not stopped once and for all when it was first reported.”

But that told, what’s most surprising is that instances of Redmond’s dubious actions and questionable conduct first came to light way back in 1994 when a group of students had alarmed the then-authorities about their professor. How and why the famous ivy league university did not act in that manner is something that might be questioned for times to come.

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