Imagine. It’s a hot summer day, you’re sitting in the air-conditioning, just had lunch and now craving something sweet which is almost a tradition in various households. And, because it’s summer the best thing to have as a desert is obviously ice-cream. While some prefer cups, other’s love cones, but there’s something about the stick ice-cream that somehow beats them all down to the ground.

So you sit in front of your air-conditioning and take the first bite of your ice-cream and then the second and then the third one. By the time you reach for the fourth one, you felt something weird, but you ignore it considering you’re having a chocolate stick ice-cream chocolate chips and then you have another bite and now the misery is in front of your eyes. There’s something fishy about the ice-cream, not taste wise but something texture wise. And, then the story unfolds in front of your eyes, it’s a rat’s tail. A freaking rat tail is in your ice-cream and you’ve eaten half of the ice-cream before decoding what it really was.

Something similar to this imaginary storyline happened with a woman in China who’s was enjoying a sweet ice-cream on a hot day, just like what another person would. However, her ice-cream has a rat tail in it. The story has a lot more to it than just a tail.

According to a report by Shanghaiist, a woman in China realised there is a dead rat inside her popsicle after she found its tail sticking out of it.

Not just the harrowing images of the incident, we have a video of this horrible site. Check out the video over here:

After watching the video, one can only think about what would they do had something like this happened with them. I for one would instantly be dead just like the rat in it.

Jyotsna Amla

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