How bizarre and should one also say daft can your life be if you happen to be fired for the simple reason that you ended up sketching a tiny portrait of something that looks like a pig on the takeaway wrapped burger for a cop?

In fact, can this even be a legitimate reason for firing someone? But believe it or not, someone didn’t exactly have a great day at Burger King in the US recently when a cop reported as many as five Burger King employees for serving him “burnt patties” and “very poor quality” burger, wrapped in a defaced paper.

Well, while on lunch break (and in uniform) I ordered food at Burger King and received this. The patties were burnt and…

Posted by Timo Rosenthal on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Well, what’s happened has happened but the aggrieved cop- hey, should he be the one who’s feeling let down or those 5 employees who lost their Burger King jobs- took to social media to express his disconsolation.

He shared a picture of the burger bearing the tiny pig sketch with the caption of the said image saying, “when you order food in uniform.”

It could be said that the smartest brains working in any covert-gathering firm wouldn’t have thought even for a second that such a tiny error could cost five young employees their job, and that too at Burger King- not in any way, the worst place to be working at!

It appears that the entire incident happened in the United States’ New Mexico. The name of the cop who courted the center of this controversy is known to be Timo Rosenthal.

But true to the nature and character of social media where the responses to anything even remotely funny can be borderline-reactionary, there was no dearth to the responses to the post of the New Mexico cop.

Some funny ones, in particular, read something like this:

“I bet if you ran a check on everyone who laughed at this post, you’d find a ton of arrest warrants,” one Facebook user commented on the viral post.

But truth be told the irate cop isn’t impressed one bit, as per the news surfacing online post the incident. He shared that he won’t be returning to the same outlet again. It’s not clear if the issue is with the Burger King brand as a whole or is it just a standalone outlet that caused him the hurt?

In fact, the incident did spiral into becoming something of a debate because the local media was quick to reach the Burger King brand for a comment on the same.

“When made aware of the incident, the restaurant owner immediately reached out to the officer-involved to apologize and terminated the team members involved,” as shared by a spokesperson to Fox News.

But all that said, perhaps it makes sense to ask, didn’t the whole thing really get blown out of proportion?

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