You’ve heard of the following, haven’t you- water- water everywhere, not a drop to drink? You may have. Who wouldn’t have? That said, have you ever wondered about looking at this statement from the perspective of Coronavirus? Virus, virus everywhere, not a place where it isn’t around already?

Yes surely, there are several places around at this moment where the ‘could-be’ fatal Coronavirus hasn’t yet reached. And at the same time, several areas where it has already struck with utter disdain. But what can be better than taking the most careful protective measures to safeguard oneself against the virus?

That is the reason why the recent Air India Milan-Delhi flight was quarantined, in a bid to protect the airline carrier from contracting the deadly virus and to keep the passengers at bay from the chronic issue, a serious medical anomaly that has wreaked havoc around the world.

So here’s what one needs to know about the Air India Milan-Delhi flight:

At this very point in time, all the passengers onboard AI-138 are undergoing health screening as coronavirus cases surge in Italy. And in fact, truthfully speaking, there is also no other way of looking at the condition other than having the entire flight quarantined for one has to take into consideration, the possibility of ‘what might’ if one’s not careful about maintaining order and stepping up preventive measures.

Air India Milan flight Quarantined

Therefore, to put it simply- kudos to the entire administrative arsenal that’s in charge of the Air India Milan-Delhi flight.

That being said, it is but common knowledge that India is trying to do all it can in a bid to keep away from the deadly virus that first began to make news when an individual in Jaipur contracted the virus and then, emerged several separate cases in some parts of the country, such as – Delhi, Lucknow, et cetera.

That’s not all. If, for instance, you weren’t aware of the situation back in the financial capital Mumbai then it is important to know that the government took firm steps to quarantine different modes of public transport such as the buses.

While surely we all wish to see the problem is eliminated once and for all and in entirety from our planet, one cannot turn a blind eye to a very telling fact that day after day, there emerge new cases where the coronavirus proves itself to be fatal and in myriad parts of the world. Wondering how? As on date, as many as 189 cases have been confirmed in Bahrain, where apparently, in a fortnight’s time, the famous Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix is slated to take place.

That said, despite constant news and updates about the telling nature of the situation in China, one doesn’t know what might happen to the place of the virus’s origin? Then comes the perspective of the medical practitioners who are wise in suggesting that there’s no need for any panic. But then, for how long can one allow the situations to continue the way they already have? When does one see some positive change and the extremity of the threat reversed?

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