A Woman Was Beaten By A Bihar Cop For Talking Over The Phone To Her Boyfriend!

Police and Law are made for public duty and protection. They have given the authority to examine and decide if something wrong is happening in our society or not but what happens when these so called “guards of humanity” turn insane and become criminals? Will you go to a criminal and ask for help or what would you do when your savior becomes the sinner? It gets complicated, isn’t it?

A recent incident happened in Bihar will shake your soul, where a Special Police Officer assaulted a young woman for talking over the phone with her boyfriend.

In Nalanda district of Bihar, a young woman was beaten up by an SPO (Special Police Officer) near NH 110. The SPO lost his cool because he suspected that the girl was talking to her boyfriend. The shameful incident was recorded on camera where you can clearly see that the SPO is hitting and dragging that girl by her hair brutally. He didn’t stop there, he literally thrashed the self-respect of the woman and called her a lot of disrespectful things that question her character.

The reports are that an investigation against the SPO has been set in order and he is fired.


Aren’t we hitting a new low in terms of Humanity? Will police decide if we can talk to someone over the phone or not? And the worse part of the question is, is this a crime for which we should be punished? And why only a girl? Why isn’t this a case of a Boy beaten up for talking over the phone to his girlfriend?  
Do you know why? Because girls are meant to “behave” and boys are “trained” to be the stud. Because people like this SPO, who have such leech mentality would always want to keep girls under the walls of their home but would never teach a boy to respect girls because they themselves do not understand the meaning of RESPECT!

This kind of brutal act should not be done to any gender as we are all equal but, I can not resist noticing that most of such cases are of girls.

It’s high time people like him understand that girls are not the decorative piece of art who should only be preserved at home. They have equal rights and you will have to understand it.


19 Auguts 2017
Avni S. Singh
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