The obsession about cellphones in today’s day and age has sort of drawn comparisons where at the advent of denim, people would only be seen wearing jeans. Literally, for all occasions. We are in an age where people have nearly become the near perfect replacement to zombies: walking dead straight with heads tillered down, holding a smartphone, whether crossing a subway or about to enter a tube station. This obsession for gadgets and smartphones has taken such an immense toll that it has disturbed our social lives and plunged personal relationships to a brink: beyond which there’s no point of return to normality.

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But the interesting thing is that despite people being aware of their obsession and their own vocal denunciations of this malaise, they hardly do anything to backtrack from the state of abnormality. In fact, people have gone as far as launching several ad campaigns in defiance of personal relationships that are being hurt in front of this harrowing obsession. People have written articles and stressed on behavioural studies but haven’t still engaged in any corrective measures that might have to do with lessening their obsessions for their gadgets and smartphones.

So amidst these ongoing talks where just about anyone promises to truncate this weird obsession from their lives, a town in New Zealand has perhaps gone an extra yard ahead in its endeavour to subdue people toward normality. A Queenstown dairy has taken a stand against those customers who come to consume a food item or beverage but are found in a state of obsession with their smartphones instead. So, in taking a stand of not serving anything whatsoever to people who are found talking on their phones, this Queenstown dairy has struck quite a chord with locals in taking its fight against this freaky gadget obsession.


Apparently, the Queenstown dairy, known as Fernhill Dairy, has grown so fed up with a rather irritating habit of its customers who stay glued to their phones that it has decided to put up a board in its seating area which has a very clear message: “ If you can’t be bothered getting off your cellphone, we can’t be bothered serving you.” The dairy’s owner, Mark Douglas recently revealed that he and his wife decided to put the sign up because they found their guests’ lack of habits appalling. Interestingly, the sign is meant for customers for all ages as when it comes to gadget obsessing, the elderly and the young both find their way to their cellphones sooner than they can find toward anything constructive, at all.

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