Is life only about saying a big yes to everything? Usually, it is seen that being generally agreeable to most things in life is a great attitude to have. It’s not about following a trend. It’s a way of seeing life where you say ‘yes’ to everything. They say one must cultivate such a habit, for such traits could augur well for your personality and work well in your interest. But have you ever thought about the importance of saying ‘no’? In other words, have you ever developed certain reasons why you should learn to say no?

That said, have you ever been in positions before where your cheery readiness to most things in life has often left you in the wrong? Perhaps, it may not be wrong to suggest the following. There may have been times in everyone’s life where we all are struck badly as a result of some peculiar habit or a personality trait. Most people, it is believed, at some point are struck or suffer by the compulsive habit of saying yes to nearly everything.

Surely, saying yes reinforces some form of positivity. But is there a surety that it would, in most cases, look after well and that we could be saved from damage control?

Reasons Why You Should Learn To Say No

What’s the guarantee of anything in life because the only certainty, as they say, is uncertainty. Isn’t it?

On That Note, Today Let’s Try And Understand The Importance of 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Say No:

There’s A Lot Of Application Of The Practice In Business

You may have just begun a start-up. And in comes a close mate or some cousin close to the family asking for a loan. You find yourself compelled to say a ‘yes!’

You have a talented employee but one who takes one leave too many and usually on a regular basis.

Saying No To Good Things

Yet, you keep ignoring the gaffes and casual disregard toward maintaining discipline or order at work.

Is that ever going to take care of itself unless you decide to say enough is enough and ‘No’, you cannot continue like that anymore?

Therefore, one of the reasons why you should learn to say no is for the sake of your work’s sanctity and progress.

At Times, Saying No Is For A Better Yes

You might be one of those individuals that sport an unquestionably positive attitude to everything in life. And realistically speaking, that’s not always good.

Because when you learn to say ‘no,’ your yes, actually becomes even better than it’s been.

Why Saying No Is Healthy

While agreeing to something is never bad but being a habitual ‘yes’ man to everything can tend to curtail our outlook toward seeing things realistically.

People may actually value you more for your no’s in life as in a way, it underlines the firmness in your character. Therefore, one of the reasons why you should learn to say no is to make your ‘Yes’s even effective.

Other People’s Priorities Will Take Over Yours

Do other people take you for granted? Do other people dictate your life? A friend could drop in at the very last minute out of a plan that you’ve long planned for and been looking forward to, leaving you out in the cold.

Learn To Say No Speech

A girl-friend could bail out at the last minute ditching a pre-planned movie scene. The notes that you’ve made thoroughly, putting hours together could be borrowed by a close mate who habitually cuts classes and doesn’t do his work on time. But you’ve always been saying ‘yes’ to these people.

So one of the reasons why you should learn to say no is so others’ priorities do not take over yours.

In A Way It Helps Guard Your Own Health

Habits, at the end of the day, are what make us into the people we turn out to be. So for instance, if you are habitual of being careless about your own health; watching movies at ungodly hours, partying away the nights where you should be home resting, or even working tirelessly whilst ignoring the ever-growing beer belly; you could be doing the self more harm than good. In these cases, having said ‘yes’ to unhealthy habits can take a toll on your own health.

Learn To Say No Without Explaining Yourself

Among the reasons why you should learn to say no is for your own good health and its upkeep.

What’s The Point In Being Easily Agreeable

Generally, there are those people who have this tendency to easily agree to just about anything. “Want to be my last-minute date for an evening?” You might say yes to a friend out of simple friendliness despite knowing your wallet is light.

Learn How To Say No

On other occasions, you might simply agree to back a friend taking one’s side in opposition to another because you don’t want to hurt the one you’re closer to.

Where’s your own individualism or sense of identity?

People Should Stop Taking You For Granted

People need to know that you are not an average Joe at the end of the day. They need to realise and value your sense of individualism.

They should know and make space for your own likes and dislikes. You cannot simply gel in with an agreement to every single plan, idea regardless of whether it fits in your personal or professional ambit.

How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

Tell people your clear view, let them know what you want and how you think.

Because if you continue to habitually say a ‘yes’ or agree to just about anything that is being, whether at work or in your social circle, then there’ll come a time where you’ll feel suffocated.

You’ll just be a henchman existing in the way a mob likes. One of the important reasons why you should learn to say no is for others to stop taking you for granted.

For instance, it’s the New Year’s Eve and you’ve had a really long working season, you want some time by yourself. But due to your submissive or non-interactive nature, your family automatically counts you in for a mini-vacation outside of town while you so wanted to stay back and rest.

Speak up, let them know what you don’t want. Say no when you can and must.

Can Help You Prepare Against The Grey Day

How To Say No Without Being Rude

At times, we say a yes without even bothering to think or wondering about the consequences of saying so. You may not be ready to fill in for your colleague at work on a Saturday because there’s a key family function at home. You’ll attend to work with a sense of stupor, showing signs of disinterest. Then just think- can it ever work in your favor at the workplace?

At times, we take immediate responsibility in the present about a critical task about the future only to realize later at that juncture when a key project is about to begin that there’s already too much work (that’s gone unfinished) on the plate. Save yourself from the grey day. Say no when it’s in your hands.

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